The focus of this event will consist of:

  1. International symposia on Materials Research
  2. Congress on Materials Research Society and Neutron Science Society
  3. Workshop on Nuclear and Materials Characterization
  4. Exhibition from Research Centers, Universities and Industries.


A.  Energy and Environment Materials
B.  Advanced Functional and Structural Materials
C.  Polymer-, Bio- and Soft Materials
D.  Nano Science and Technology
E.  Computational Materials, Modeling and Simulation
F.  Materials Processing and Characterization
G.  Nuclear Science and Technology Applications
H.  Other Related Topics


Since cross-link among multidiciplinary researches is important and realizing that “Multidisciplinary communication is where the truly great ideas emerge“,
ICA-IUMRS is introducing a New International Symposia on :

I.  Social Science & Humaniora
J.  Information Technology & Communication