Profile Prof. Akhmad Herman Yuwono

Name Prof. Akhmad Herman Yuwono
Institution Dept.of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Universitas Indonesia
Address Kampus UI Depok 16424 Jawa Barat
Research Focus Nanostructured Materials
Expertise Inorganic nanostructure oxide for energy and biome
Profile :

Prof. Dr. Akhmad Herman Yuwono obtained his bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Universitas Indonesia in 1994. He continued his study for master level at University of Cambridge-UK and received the degree in 1998. His PhD degree was taken from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2007 with specialty on the fabrication and characterization of inorganic-organic nanohybrids for photonic application. For this purpose, Dr. Yuwono has developed a modified technique combining wet chemistry sol-gel technique and post-hydrothermal treatment in order to obtain highly crystalline inorganic nanoparticle embedded in organic matrix, where the results were described in several high impact journals, His current research includes the fabrication of nanostructure inorganic semiconductor oxides for energy applications such as dye sensitized solar cell, as well as self-cleaning and transparent heating windows. Dr. Yuwono is now a full-professor at Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and assigned as Associate Dean for Research and Community Services at Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia.


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