Profile Dr. Heru Suryanto

Name Dr. Heru Suryanto
Institution Universitas Negeri Malang
Address Jl. Semarang 5 Malang
Research Focus Nano Material, Composites, Polymers, Natural Fiber
Expertise Bionanocomposite
Profile :

Heru Suryanto was born in Negara, Bali, Indonesia, with education background as Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 1997; Magister in Mechanical Engineering, 2005 in strength of material fields; and Doctor in Mechanical Engineering, 2015 in composite natural fiber fields. He got the Engineering Proffesional in Madya level (IPM) by 2016 from Indonesian Engineers Association (PII). 

He has experience as lecturer in Faculty of Engineering since 1999 until now at Mechanical Engineering Department for Bachelor and Magister Degree.

He interest in fields nanomaterial for bionanocomposite. Currently, he has project research to make bionanocomposite for antibacterial packaging from blend starch-carragenan reinforced by nanoclay


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