23/02/2017 14:34 Authored By: Admin MRS

International Union-Materials Research Society (IUMRS) in cooperation with Chinese-Materials Research Society (C-MRS) has organized 5th World Materials Summit (WMS) in Rizhao city, Shandong Province-China on 18 – 20 October 2016. Previous summits were held in Lisbon by European Materials Research Society (E-MRS), in Suzhou by C-MRS, in Washington by America Materials Research Society (MRS) , and in Strasbourg by E-MRS. MRS-INA as part of IUMRS has received a honorary invitation to attend and participate on this occasion. Upon this important event, Indonesia Materials Research Society (MRS-INA) was represented by MRS-INA President, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Evvy Kartini (National Nuclear Agency/BATAN) and two researchers from Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Akhmad Herman Yuwono and Dr. Chairul Hudaya. 

WMS 2016 was opened by Rizhao City Government representative and C-MRS President. More than 80 researchers, government officers and company executives working on materials related sectors from 17 countries of Asia, Europe, and America took active parts during the summit by presenting their latest advancement in research, industry strategies and government policy-empowerment.  The main theme of the summit was “Advanced Materials for Sustainable Society Development”. Following the keynote speeches, the discussion was further continued with 3 panel sessions, i.e. (A) Materials for New Energy Vehicles, (B) Green/Intelligent Building, and (C) Materials for Ocean Engineering.

In panel session A on Materials for New Energy Vehicles, Prof. Evvy Kartini presented the Indonesia consortium results on the development of Lithium-ion battery which involves various research institutions. The presentation elaborated the stages of the works starting from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 1: Battery Components, WBS 2: Manufacture and Assembly, WBS 3: Battery Testing and Standardization till WBS 4: Module and Application. Under the same panel, Dr. Chairul Hudaya presented his results of investigation on the controlling technique for electrode interface of by thin film coating and morphology control.

In another panel B on Green/Intelligent Building, Prof. Akhmad Herman Yuwono presented his results on the applications of inorganic semiconductor oxides nanostructures for self-cleaning windows and transparent heater. He shared his special technique on how the performance of the nanostructures for both applications can be enhanced by a simple and useful method of modified post-hydrothermal treatment where the crystallinity has been successfully increased without scarifying its well-maintained shapes such as nanotubes and nanorods.  In addition, the potential use of Indonesian minerals as important sources for nanostructures development was also discussed.  

Upon this summit meeting, Prof. Evvy Kartini has conveyed MRS-INA plan to be formal registered as a part of IUMRS where the membership will be hopefully approved next year in 2017.   In response to this, the IUMRS President, Prof. Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier mentioned furthermore that Indonesia has been considered as IUMRS member. It is planned that in October 2017 MRS-INA will hold the first congress in Yogyakarta, in conjunction with International Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology Application (ICoNSTA), and International Conference on Materials Science and Technology (ICMST). MRS-INA will invite the delegates from various countries to participate in that international scientific meeting where the membership of MRS-INA in IUMRS will be formally declared by IUMRS President.

WMS 2016 was closed formally on Thursday October 20, 2016 with “Rizhao Declaration” as representative and explicit statement from all scientist, government officials and entrepreneurs on the role of research in advanced materials to solve the global problems faced by society.

In addition to WMS 2016, Indonesia delegates also attended the opening ceremony of IUMRS-International Conference in Asia (IUMRS-ICA) on 21 October 2016 where 2100 participants participated and presented their papers. In this occasion, MRS-INA accepted the offer from IUMRS to be the host of ICA 2018 which will be held Bali. Participation of Indonesia in various scientific events/conferences initiated by IUMRS such as ICEM, ICA, and WMS is very expected assince Indonesia possesses lots of professional and high-caliber material scientist.