In October 2010 BATAN, the Indonesian National Nuclear Energy Agency, hosted the International Conference on Materials Science and Technology (ICMST-2010), in conjunction with a Workshop on Solid-State Ionics in Serpong. The meetings were held on the occasion of forming the new Materials Research Society of Indonesia and a formal Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between BATAN and J-PARC, in the presence of the Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology, Dr. H. Suharna Surapranata, M.T.

There were prominent overseas speakers came from India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Australia and the USA, including plenary talks about “Solid-State Ionic Materials for Energy-Related Applications” (B.V.R. Chowdari, National University of Singapore) and “Development of Processes for the Reversible Dehydrogenation of High Hydrogen Capacity Complex Hydrides” (Craig Jensen, University of Hawaii). Plenary talks on progress at both the J-PARC spallation source in Japan (Masatoshi Arai, J-PARC) and the OPAL research reactor in Australia (Rob Robinson, Bragg Institute, ANSTO) were given, as well as a summary of neutron scattering activities in the Asia-Oceania region by John White (President of AONSA). A total of 350 attendees came to the conference, including students and staff from 30 different institutions and universities in Indonesia itself. 60 International speakers and participants attended from 11 different countries. Roughly 160 abstracts were presented, either at poster or oral sessions, and about 100 full papers will be published from the conference.

The declaration of MRS-Indonesia, was held on the round table at the closing of the ICMST 2010. The local advisory committees of ICMST-2010, who represented several universities and institutions in Indonesia, were appointed to be a working committee of the MRS-Indonesia, and have the task to finalize the formation from the legal aspect, so that will be officially considered by the International Union of Materials Research Society (IUMRS). The MRS Ina was declared by representative persons from University of Indonesia (UI) Prof. Dr. Bondan T. Sofyan, Dr. Azwar Manaf; Dr. Pratondo Busono, Dr. Eniya L. Dewi, Dr. Agus H.Wargadipura (BPP Technology); Dr. Bambang Prihandoko and Dr. Sunit Hendrana (Indonesian Institute of Science /LIPI); Dr. Khairul Basar & Dr. Hermawan K.Dipyono (Bandung Institute of technology /ITB); Dr. Irzaman & Prof. Suminar Achmadi (IPB); Dr.Evvy Kartini & Drs.Gunawan MSc (BATAN); Dr. Darminto (ITS) etc. The declaration was witnessed by Prof. Chowdary (NUS), a President of IUMRS, President of MRS Singapore, and President of ASSSI; Prof. Dr. John Whtie (ANU) a president of Asia Oceania Neutron Scattering Association (AONSA); and Prof. Dr. Craig Jensen (University Hawaii, USA), a President of Hydrogen Cell Carrier, USA.

Prof. Chowdary has given several messages about how important to form the association or society that linked internationally, so that the results of Indonesian scientific communities can be brought up internationally, and Indonesia will be recognized by the International forum. There were a critical mass of material scientists in Indonesia, so that the formation is very crucial. However, there will be some duties of the working committee or care taker of the MRS-Indonesia, to make the society really works and conduct some activities. Those for examples are by organizing the conference like ICMST, publish international journals, disseminatiaon of science as well as training for young students. The AONSA President has also given several examples of what they have done during the past two years of AONSA activities, that could help the developing countries on upgrading their performance, and internationally increase the networking. Now, it is our duty, to show the world that Indonesian Community can play a role in science and technology. Wait and See !

Figure. Declaration of Material Research Society-Indonesia, October 20, 2010

This is a quote from Prof. B.V.R Chowdary about the conference and MRS-Indonesia : “I am glad that I have come to know some of you for the first time and with others I could renew contacts. I am happy to have joined the well organized ICMST 2010. I am sure that the said conference is a historic one paying the way for better future of Indonesian Materials Research Community. Well done! We are launching Materials Research Newsletter. You are welcome to write about the launch of MRS Indonesia. I will be happy to do what I could to promote materials research within Indonesia and also nurture the interests of your Society. Thank you all for giving me opportunity to participate in ICMST 2010”.


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