19/05/2020 14:56 Authored By: Admin MRS

International Conference on Advance Materials and Technology in Conjunction with the International Conference of Multidisciplinary Research 2019 (ICAMT-ICMR 2019) has been held in Bogor on 8 -9 October 2019. The theme of this conference is “Innovation of Advanced Materials Technology and Multidisciplinary Research for a Better Life“.

The conference was successfully organized by the Indonesian Material Research Society (MRS-INA) together with the University of Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama), which aims to provide an international forum in facilitating the presentation of scientific results in the fields of material science and other multidisciplinary sciences by national scientists, academics, industry and government, regional and international. 

ICAMT-ICMR 2019 was held with purpose to accomodate present Indonesian researchers and academics in research and material technology fields to gather in the international forums, open national and international networks in the fields of advanced material, technology and multidisciplinary research so that researchers, academics, industry and government can gather to exchange information through cross-disciplinary platforms.  For more information visit information visit website