19/05/2020 15:05 Authored By: Admin MRS

The Electric Vehicle regulation (PP55/2019) was launched by Indonesia President Joko Widodo,  and the topic of lithium ion battery has become a central issue along with national electric vehicle. It is important to know the current status of Battery research in Indonesia, as well as basic knowledge.  Therefore Material Research Society of Indonesia (MRS-INA)  has conducted the “1st International Workshop on lithium Ion battery Technology”  in Sentul Bogor,  October 8-9, 2019. The LIB workshop was held during the International Conference on Advanced Material Technology in conjunction with the International Conference of Multidisciplinary Research (ICAMT-ICMR 2019), attended by 46 participants from 21 various institutions,  including  industries (21 participants), R&D institutions (12 participants) and Universities (13 participants). Go To Web